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Welcome to The Educational Freelancer!


The Educational Freelancer helps fill the void many teachers experience in acquiring skills in the teaching of language arts. These skills are what they search for, but fail to get in  too  many  teacher colleges, school district curriculum guides and traditionally published texts and workbooks. 

Teachers are desperate.  Desperate for anything that holds out hope that this product, technique, chart, game, toy, etc., will save their day.  It hasn't, it doesn't, and it won't.  New-teacher turnover is fifty percent within three to five years!  Apparently, they are not being given the right material and techniques to stay on the job and enjoy it.  And some teachers who have passed the five-year mark are simply "hanging in there."  This isn't pleasant.  It is time to find more satisfaction in the profession--both intellectually and emotionally.  This site and my book, though, as one endorser puts it, isn't just for the above educators, but for those looking to widen or deepen their teaching repertoire.  I hope you will find these ideas beneficial.

The material herein is not entirely on language arts (some math, some art), but the approaches are basically the same: sound, clear, simple and proven effective.  Your students will not be bored.  Browse this site, read all you can, then try this language arts book:  The Creative Teacher: Activities for Language Arts (Grades 4 through 8 and Up)

The Mt. Horeb book, also, is informative, up-to-date, and supports the Small Schools Movement.  It is not only nostalgic (and a brief history of one-room schools in America), but has relevance to a non-traditional, contemporary approach in the field of teaching and learning.  In this book you will enjoy lots of old-timey pictures, antics and quotes from former students of this particular one-room schoolhouse.  I hope you will find it as heart-warming as other readers have. This book is also carried by The Historical Society of Harford County Maryland at Click on "Books." (You may want to check out, too,, but, as always, read some articles with a skeptical mind.)


About the Author

James T. CharnockJames Charnock, M.Ed, a teacher of 30 years at the elementary and junior high levels, is the author of many articles (some included herein) that have appeared in teacher magazines and professional journals.  The Creative Teacher:  Activities for Language Arts (Grades 4 through 8 and Up) is his second book.  He has written one other book, Mt. Horeb: The Little White School House on Little Deer Creek, about the memories and 180-year history of one of Maryland’s last one-room schoolhouses, which he attended as a primary student; it is also a treatise on the issue of smaller schools.

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